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Ameublement Coiffeurs : On this site you can find the best brands of furniture for hairdressers basic components you have in your living room are: workstation, a piece of furniture is absolutely necessary to open a hair salon there are two types of vanity à: the wall in style, particularly useful for the hairdresser who has little space or want to maximize the best available in the lounge and work Island Mansola , pi ù pi ù sometimes picturesque, but demanding in terms of spatial locations. Barber reflects a bit of style and taste of the owner of the Salon who use them as living furniture parts that most find they must choose calmly, trying to represent through the design of their own work style. Typically, a young Barber with a young and open to other styles, pu ò to choose for your stay: a workstation on the wall, with a backlight frosted mirror, black plastic or leatherette seat and footrest foot and a satin or polished chrome metal worktop. Barber chairs are essential for proper workstation. They are designed and manufactured specifically for this work, serve to ensure maximum comfort both for customers and for the hairdresser who has to work around it. Another crucial element of furniture for hairdressing salons chairs that can be unisex or female style chairs, styling chairs, or man and chairs finally hairstyle. There are no seats for the refined design, very comfortable with a resin construction with aluminum or chrome-plated metal and fabric covering accessories, leather or hide. The integrated headrest and footrest, è not usually necessary for customers and recline and useful for the sweet spot while shaving. Even the chairs are equipped with the control system of the hydraulic pump, the lever can be operated by hand or foot pedal. Choose the best Barber Chair depends not only on the budget, the style of the environment; the décor of each stay must be as smooth as possible ù. Finally, there are seated unisex models: these chairs man has options for women. Makeup or beauty è Chair used for make-up, eyebrow shaping or similar cosmetic procedures, è very useful that the customer sit in a Chair by the bouncer. Finally, we look at the car wash for washing hair, means that furniture sink for shampoo. Based on the needs of the living room, è can buy in bulk or individual washes. The first è type usually featuring a seat placed in a structure at the end of which the ceramic è hair salon sink, which è a white tipper to adapt well to the customer and to avoid the neck washing with water slides on clothes anchor collar. The shower mixer lever must be estaribile, which is adjusted with one hand. The latest trends in hair pushed to create a beauty and relaxation OASIS so that designers of components for hair design and produce lava with all comforts. Shampoo with shiatsu massage, for example, that through their preset programs, giving a gentle massage client session with shampoo. The Chair with air massage is activated from a distance, being equipped with remote control. At the time of purchase, bearing in mind also the purchase of a work plan and a washing basin and a towel. Some models are equipped with opening the door and appropriate for bottles wipes contain cleansers. It cabinets, painted or plated with rosewood or backwash real structures with shelves and different colored laminate doors. Some of them can be equipped with sink and work surface for preparing the dye and other beauty treatments. The optimal arrangement of this furniture è behind washes.

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Ameublement Coiffeurs - Hairdressers hair health care in the salons of beauty and aesthetics, with hair style for fashion photos and sales of hair-hair care products.

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18 Dec 18

professionali per capelli



18 Dec 18

This collection gives a nod to the style of lighting used in his classic old school black & white images by renowned Sixties photographer David Bailey, but, with a contemporary feel. The hair is an amalgamation traditional skin fade, graphic cuts and soft texturising but enhanced with various styling products for a strong finished look.

Collection: Bailey
Ph: Desmond Murray
Make-up: Jo Sugar


18 Dec 18

Ivan Rodriguez


Collection: Weavers of Ideas
Ph: Jell Loya
Make-up: Thessa Peralta


17 Dec 18


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17 Dec 18

Egidio Borri

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